wed’s photo #41 | Let me introduce you OLWY

wp41Camera: Canon Powershot G16
Editor: Afterlight
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Many times I’m wanting to post a new photograph, but I realize I don’t have anything intresting to shoot. To say the truth, I could easily find some intresting subjects, but most of the time I don’t have the time or I don’t feel like go out and look for them.

It’s been a while now that I was thinking about getting a little model helper to keep always with me for the emergency. But until few time ago I didn’t find anything that really satisfied me. Then, one day, I saw it. He was perfect and he was looking at me like he was saying “choose me, choose me!”. Of course I couldn’t resist and I bought him right away. After thing about it for long time, I decided to call him Owly. It’s not a really imaginative name, I know. But at least I should remember it… I’m really happy to finally introduce you to him!