Wed’s Photo #40 and Last News

wp40Camera: Canon Powershot G16
Stars mode, no editing
© photography by

I took this photo by night with the mode Stars. Unfortunately there was some lights on in the nearby that had lighten up a little bit the photo, but the sky was limpid and I’m happy with this little experiment.

I’m sorry for my absence from the blog in these past weeks, where I didn’t have the time to update the blog. I wanted to write a little post about it before, but I didn’t have the time to do even that. Anyway, now I’m back and I hope to be more present.

In the meanwhile I went back to Fribourg and I finally moved in my new apartement. I’m really satisfied with how I decored my room (I have to thank Stitch for that!), I really like the new Ikea’s forniture and the colours match the blog, so I hope this will motivate me to write more. I still have to put everything at its place, but I’m already at a good point. I also bought new sheets for my bed, that is now more girlish and floreal. Me gusta!