The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

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Camera: Canon Powershot G16 & iPhone 5c
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC
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Last week-end was really great. Stitch and I had the pleasure of spend some time in two places our little Country is known for: mountains and lakes. Oh wait, maybe that was Canada… and you probably know as more for our chocolate and our cheese. But still, we have some beautiful mountains and lakes as well!

As you may had notice from the way we were dressed, it was pretty cold (even if the sun was out). But I don’t bother, because I have him to warm my heart.

Okay, am I becoming too cheesy?

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  • Stitch

    A fantastic Weekend with someone special. I love you!

    • Awww!!!!!! Love you too (in tutte le lingue)! ♡

  • Such a lovely post and you guys are just so cute. The scenery is amazing and I really liked all the fun shots you shared! :)

    • Thank you so much for the really nice comment! I’m glad you liked the photos :)

  • belle foto, hai gli occhi pieni di amore si vede *__*
    ..e complimenti per il bellissimo blog, era da un po’ che non passavo <3

    • cos’è questo Disqus!!??
      tipo un wordpress con temi e tutto?
      come ti sei “staccata” dal circuito wp?!
      ..scusa tutte le domande tecniche ^.^

      • Grazie mille cara, mi fa molto piacere!!
        Disqus è un plugin che si può installare su (non su e anche su altre piattaforme di blogging.. Personalmente lo adoro! Creando un account, resti collegata direttamente in modo da non dover sempre riempire i tuoi dati quando commenti :)
        (In ogni caso resto fedele a wordpress, solo che sono passata alla piattaforma .org :)

  • Looks so cold over there!! And it’s summer over here haha

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


    • Are you Australian? Yep, it’s gettin colder here, but I don’t mind since I love winter :D

      • No, I am actually South African

        • That’s nice!! I’d really like to visit South Africa one day, it must be amazing there!

  • I love a bit a cheese me . hehe

    Loved your pics and little doggy is super cute wish I could get one but just don’t have the time I have cats haha but they just do there own thing.

    Looks like you three had an amazing time. xox

    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately the dog isn’t mine, but it’s my boyfriend’s cousin.. But I can’t wait to have my own place and take a dog :)

  • These shots are so adorable!!

    • Thank you so much Corina!

  • These are all lovely photos, if this is the area you live in.. it’s so cosy and picturesque! :)


    • Thanks Gabrielle! Sometimes I forgot how beautiful is my little Country… But with a week end like that, I realise how lucky I am!

  • These are great photos!!! I hope you’re keeping a scrapbook or something!! <3 You're going to want these in years to come.

    • Thanks Alexandra, you gave a great idea! I wasn’t actually thinking about making a scrapbook, but since I already wanted to print some of those picture, I think I’ll try to make one!

      • Good call! :) I hope you post pictures of the process if you get around to it :)

  • great photos and I LOVE your coat! it looks so cozy!!

    • Thanks Ashley! Yup, the coat is really warm and cozy, I love it!

  • These are beautiful Ellie! I’m so glad to have found your blog :) Also the photos of the swans and ducks are my favorite :) I instantly love anything or any place with them! I love how natural and authentic your photography is. Can’t wait to check out more posts! Have an awesome week!

    • Wow, what a nice comment!! Thank you so much Gina!!

  • Welp, this is the cutest post I’ve seen all week. I think it was juuust the right amount of cheesy :) Also, why do I live in Chicago were there are absolutely no mountains? I need getaways like this in my life.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • Thank you so much Marlen! I think I couldn’t live without the view of my mountains..!

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  • It was a great pics to all.. Amazing…!!