What I’ve Learned From Sharing My Worries

A few days ago I published a post explaining all of my worries after some months away from the blog. I thought that nobody would have read that post and at the moment I wasn’t even realizing that I was actually sharing my feelings, so I was really surprised with the amount of comments I’ve got both from old and new readers. Everyone has been really supportive about the whole situation and I did get some really helpful responses.

Here's what I've learned from sharing my worries instead of keeping them for myself. You should do the same, trust me!

Writing down what was worrying me so much and sharing it with other people really helped me to move on, so I decided to share with you what I’ve learned from it.

It’s not healthy to keep it all in.

Really, it’s not. Personally, the more I did wait to share what was keeping me away from the blog, the more my worries kept getting bigger and bigger. When you have a problem of any kind, it’s always better to say it out loud. Share it with a friend, a family member, your lover, your internet audience (even when you don’t think you have one). It’s liberating and you will feel a lot less pression just by letting it out off of your head.

Sharing a worry or a problem also help you to put it into words, which is a great way to see whatever is upsetting you in a clearer way.

You’re never the only one in that situation.

When you share an upsetting argument on your blog, the chances are that some of your readers have already been in that same situation. Even when you share your problem with just one person, it is probable that he or she will know someone else who also had a similar experience.

This brings two big yays. First at all, you will feel less alone – which is always a calming thought. And second, all of the people that have already been there probably know a way out, which they will most likely share with you.

People are great at giving advice.

As I just said, you will find that a lot of people will be willing to share their own pieces of advice with you. Sometimes that advice comes from people that actually lived the same situation as you. But let’s admit it – even people that never felt the same way will likely try to give you their precious opinion. And I must say, sometimes that kind of help it’s even more useful since it comes from another point of view.

I think we all know how good it feels to help someone else, so let’s all accept other people’s help from time to time.

Sometimes the old way can be the right way.

When I shared my perplexity about where I was going with this blog with my readers, most of them told me to just keep writing. They were right, I spent too much time trying to find a focus, trying to find the right way. The truth is, I just stopped writing and I lost the habit of doing it.

If you feel stuck, like I did, maybe worrying too much about it isn’t the solution. Just keep doing what you were doing before, and maybe you will find your motivation again.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

This may sound in contrast with what I just said before, but I think that some kind of innovation sometimes can help, too. In my case, letting out all my worries made space in my head to produce new positive thoughts. You can find your new motivation in making little changes in what you already have, or start something completely new. It always feels great to have something to spice up the monotony, isn’t it?

What do you normally do when you have a problem or you worry too much about something? Do you share it with someone or do you keep it to yourself? What have worked for you until now? Comment below!

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