The 5 Things I Like To Photograph The Most

You all know how much I love photography. I always did, since I was a child, even if I’m still not an expert. Today I decided to share with you the five things I like to shoot the most.

1. People

I love to immortalize people’s expressions. I think everyone is unique in all of their parts. I always hope to be able to capture not only their expressions, but their emotions as well. Everybody is beautiful in their really special way (yes, even you reading!) and I like to make them feel that way.

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2. Animals

Seriously, who doesn’t love animals? A few years ago I was dreaming of becoming a National Geographic photographer, or any way to go into the wild with some big big lens and shoot all animals I could find. But even if that dream will never come true, I still enjoy taking pictures of the little creatures I have around. My cat Blackie is almost impossible to shoot since whenever she sees a camera, she runs directly into it and starts to cuddle with it, but I still don’t give up!

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3. Details

I think that details are what makes everything special. Sometimes we are surrounded by so many things, that a lot of little tiny details slip out of our sight. Whenever I see something particular, I like to capture it. It can be anything, big or small, but it has to be just a piece of the whole picture.

3 details

4. Nature

Living in a city, even if just a small one, I really love to take a breath from all the cement sometimes. I’m lucky enough that where I live there are still some green spots. From a tree to a landscape, I think nature is always a great subject to shoot. Simple and magic.

4 natura

5.  Little things

A little thing, for me, doesn’t have to be physically little. Yes, I love to shoot tiny things and experiment with macro photography, even if I don’t have the right lens for it. But sometimes little things can be just simple things. Things that most people pass across without even looking at them. And I love them, so I shoot them to try to make them special – and that doesn’t mean I always succeed.

5 details

What are the things you like to shoot the most? Leave a comment below!

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Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park London


Camera: Canon Powershot G16
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I really miss the week I spent in London with my boyfriend. It was great and we visited a lot of different places. Hyde Park was one of my favorite spots in London. The animals, the trees… everything about it make it so relaxing.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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What is your favorite place to go when you need to step out from the world? Leave a comment below!

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Instax week 24/52


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It is few minutes past midnights, so I guess I’m getting slightly better at this. I hope next will I will succeed in posting this when it’s still sunday. Oh well, at least I took the picture with some days of advance.

I love october and the way every tree is beginning to change is colors. There’s something magical about this month… I also love that the weather is changing. I cannot say that we had a warm summer this year, but I’m still glad that the cold is coming. Tomorrow I will go buy some new sweaters to put myself in the mood. Hopefully I will find something good.

Weeks favorites

Going for a walk

going for a walk 1 going for a walk 2 going for a walk 3 going for a walk 4 going for a walk 5 going for a walk 6 going for a walk 7going for a walk 8going for a walk 10going for a walk 9

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A volte c’è bisogno di staccarsi un attimo dal mondo e una passeggiata tranquilla non troppo vicino alla citta è proprio quello che ci vuole. Un bel respiro profondo, macchina fotografica e una persona molto speciale al proprio fianco: cosa potrei chiedere di più?


Sometimes I just need a break from the world, and a little walk not too close to the city is just what I need. A good deep breath, a camera and that special someone by my side: how could I ask for more?