Why I Love My UrbanEars

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I ended up postponing it for months. As I decided to become more organized with the blog, this also means I need to get my stuff done. I mentioned my headphones in my school essential post, but it’s finally time to give you some more information about them.

I must say that before buying my UrbanEars I wasn’t really a fan of this kind of headphones. I always used my Apple headphones and I was happy with them, mostly because they didn’t take a lot of space in my bag. However, when I started seeing people wearing this brand I fell in love a little.

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First thing, I checked for reviews online. Everyone seemed so happy about them, about their quality and resistance, that I couldn’t help myself by wanting them more and more. I decided to go to a store and try them on, and I was surprised by how much comfortable they actually were. Even if they are a bit expensive, it’s nothing compared with some other brands like Beats Studio by Dr. Dre. Since I use headphones a lot during my train’s trips, I decided it wasn’t a bad idea to invest some money for some good headphones. And I couldn’t be more grateful I did. The quality of the sound is really amazing, both if I’m listening to some music or watching a movie on my laptop.

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When I’m not using them, I like to roll the cable like this to close them up. This let you save some space when putting them in your bag or backpack. Also, the cable is made with a cord, which makes them really resistant.

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This feature lets you connect your headphones with someone else’s. I didn’t use it a lot yet, but it’s a great way to share what you’re listening to, without missing out anything.

The fact that these headphones come in lots of different colors it’s another positive point. I hate having something that everyone else has, and with all this color choice it’s easier to find something that reflect your personality and makes you stand out.

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So yes, I do love my UrbanEars and I’m glad I bought them. They become an inseparable friend for when I’m traveling by train and for many other moments as well.

What are your favorite headphones and when do you use them the most? Leave a comment below!

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My School Essentials

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As a university student, it happens to be away from home all day long. Every night before going to bed, I always check my bag to see if I have everything ready for the next day, so that I can save some time in the morning. Here’s the list of my essentials!

Laptop – I always make sure to charge my MacBook Air for the next day, as in general I don’t like to take the charger with me. If your battery runs out quickly, maybe it’s better to bring it with you as well. Some of my fellow students use their iPad (usually with a keyboard) to take notes, others take them on paper. Use what works best for you!

Water – I make sure to always bring with me a bottle of water, since we all know how important it is for our health. Sometimes, when it get cooler outside, I also take with me a thermos with some hot tea.

Snacks – When I’m concentrated, I tend to get really hungry. I think if it was for me, I could it all the time. I have to admit that sometimes I forget to bring food with me, so I end up buying something at the university’s cafeteria…

Books – Of course, if you need some books for your classes, make sure to take them with you! I know they’re heavy, but they’re still really important. If you just need few pages, you can also scan them on your computer, so you don’t have to bring the whole book with you.

Notebook – I never go anywhere without my current notebook with me. You never know when a good blog post idea will come to you, or when you’ll need to write down something important!

Agenda – Even if lately I found that using the Calendar App to keep all my schedules together, I still love writing down my appointments and big events on my Moleskine. I love to write when something good happens to me during the day as well.

Pens, colors and highlighters – The last two points would be really pointless without some writing material. I think that color is the key to make everything more fun and enjoyable to (re)read.

iPod and headphones – Between a class and another, I sometimes go to the library or to a study room to get ahead with the stuff I need to do (studying, writing, reading,…). Since I get bored of too much silence, I always bring with my iPod and my Urbanears.

Camera – I try to always find a place for my camera in my bag. I sometimes switch between my Canon Powershot G16 and my Instax Mini 90. You never know when a nice shooting opportunity will appear!

Wallet, keys and phone – Do I really have to explain those?

iPhone portable charger – Since my iPhone sometimes runs out pretty quickly of battery, I normally have with me my portable charger I got from here. It already saved me more than once.

What are your school essentials?

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