Instax Week 38 and 39/52

I know these last weeks I’ve been bad with blogging. I could say that I had many other things to do, but that would be a lie. I guess I just needed some time to turn off everything. Next two or three weeks will be really exhausting for me since I’ll have a couple of big presentations at university. I’m already panicking…



This double exposure really shows that spring is coming. Even if I love winter, I must say that seeing the flowers bloom makes me happy.


My cat Blackie was taking a nap in my garden. I didn’t mean to wake her up with this picture, but I’m impressed that she just stayed there. Normally she would get up and just hit her little head against the camera.

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Wed’s Photo #35


Camera: iPhone 5c
After Light

Anche oggi la pigrizia mi ha indotto a utilizzare nuovamente il mio iPhone per la foto del mercoledì. Ho provato ad utilizzare la doppia esposizione in After Light, che ho promosso come a miglior applicazione per il ritocco delle immagini sul mio telefono.

Avete già utilizzato questa applicazione? Cosa ne pensate?


Today I felt lazy again and I used one more time my iPhone for my Wednesday’s photo. I tried to use the double exposure on After Light, which I think is the best app for photo editing on my phone right now.

Did you already use this app? What do you think about it?