The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

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Camera: Canon Powershot G16 & iPhone 5c
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC
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Last week-end was really great. Stitch and I had the pleasure of spend some time in two places our little Country is known for: mountains and lakes. Oh wait, maybe that was Canada… and you probably know as more for our chocolate and our cheese. But still, we have some beautiful mountains and lakes as well!

As you may had notice from the way we were dressed, it was pretty cold (even if the sun was out). But I don’t bother, because I have him to warm my heart.

Okay, am I becoming too cheesy?

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wed’s photo #41 | Let me introduce you OLWY

wp41Camera: Canon Powershot G16
Editor: Afterlight
© photography by

Many times I’m wanting to post a new photograph, but I realize I don’t have anything intresting to shoot. To say the truth, I could easily find some intresting subjects, but most of the time I don’t have the time or I don’t feel like go out and look for them.

It’s been a while now that I was thinking about getting a little model helper to keep always with me for the emergency. But until few time ago I didn’t find anything that really satisfied me. Then, one day, I saw it. He was perfect and he was looking at me like he was saying “choose me, choose me!”. Of course I couldn’t resist and I bought him right away. After thing about it for long time, I decided to call him Owly. It’s not a really imaginative name, I know. But at least I should remember it… I’m really happy to finally introduce you to him!