Instax Week 38 and 39/52

I know these last weeks I’ve been bad with blogging. I could say that I had many other things to do, but that would be a lie. I guess I just needed some time to turn off everything. Next two or three weeks will be really exhausting for me since I’ll have a couple of big presentations at university. I’m already panicking…



This double exposure really shows that spring is coming. Even if I love winter, I must say that seeing the flowers bloom makes me happy.


My cat Blackie was taking a nap in my garden. I didn’t mean to wake her up with this picture, but I’m impressed that she just stayed there. Normally she would get up and just hit her little head against the camera.

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Instax week 25/52


Camera: Instax mini 90 & Canon Powershot G16
Editor: PicMonkey
© photography by

This little guy is painted on a wall just a couple of minutes away from my apartment in Fribourg. The first time I saw it at night (it was really dark), I got scared cause I thought it was real. Since then, I always thought about taking a picture of it, and I finally did!

I’m sorry if this week I didn’t write that much… I got some post ideas in my mind, but I didn’t had the time to write them. With my new internship, I finally have less time and I still have to get organized. At least, I once again prepared a list of great post from this week just for you!

Week’s favorites

Settimana istantanea 18/52


Cameras: Instax Mini 90 & Canon Powershot G16
Editor: Afterlight for iPhone
© photography by

In questi giorni ho finalmente cominciato a studiare come si deve, e nonostante ho varie bozze e idee per nuovi post, ho finito per trascurare un po’ il blog. Non è ancora mezzanotte, e questo significa che nonostante tutto ce la sto facendo a non pubblicare in ritardo questa settimana istantanea.

Sono arrivata a casa poco fa, ancora senza uno scatto. Ho pensato di rimandare a domani, ma Stitch ha avuto la brillante idea di “ti alzo il gatto così e tu gli fai una foto”. Così, un po’ per scherzare, è quello che ho fatto. La povera Blackie è stata interrotta mentre faceva il suo spuntino, e noi abbiamo riso non poco per il risultato.

Ciao, stanchezza.

Sì, stanchezza, adesso vado a nanna.


These last days I finally started studying for real, and even if I have lots of drafts and ideas for some news posts, I ended up negletting my blog. It’s not midnight yet, and that means that I’m still in time to publish my instax week without being late again.

I just got home, still without a shoot. I thought to posticipate this post and think about it tomorrow, but Stitch had the great idea of “I’m gonna hold your cat like that and you take a picture”. And so I did, even if it was more a joke. Poor Blackie was interrupted while she was eating, and we laught for a while about the result.

Bye, tiredness.

Yes, tiredness, I’m going to bed now.

Going for a walk

going for a walk 1 going for a walk 2 going for a walk 3 going for a walk 4 going for a walk 5 going for a walk 6 going for a walk 7going for a walk 8going for a walk 10going for a walk 9

Camera: Canon Powershot G16
Editor: After Light for iPhone
© by

A volte c’è bisogno di staccarsi un attimo dal mondo e una passeggiata tranquilla non troppo vicino alla citta è proprio quello che ci vuole. Un bel respiro profondo, macchina fotografica e una persona molto speciale al proprio fianco: cosa potrei chiedere di più?


Sometimes I just need a break from the world, and a little walk not too close to the city is just what I need. A good deep breath, a camera and that special someone by my side: how could I ask for more?

Wed’s Photo #36


Camera: iPhone 5c
Editor: After Light

La mia bella Blackie è stata miracolosamente in posa per questa foto. Avrei voluto correre a prendere la mia Canon, ma avevo paura che nel frattempo se ne andasse, così ho colto l’occasione al volo ed ho scattato con il solito iPhone.

separatoreMy beautiful cat Blackie stayed in place for this photo, and that’s like a miracle for her. I wanted to go and take my Canon to shoot, but I was afraid that she would just get up and go away, so I took the occasion and I shoot with my iPhone.