A little Retrica love story

Hello, my dear friends!

Long time no see. My bad, as always… I haven’t felt like blogging in so long, and I can’t promise I’ll be back posting a lot. But I feel I’m a having a photography phase right now, so you’ll never know…


I saw a little Retrica logo on a lot of teenager’s selfies, but I never thought I could actually like that little app myself. But when it comes to photography, I’m always a little curious so I decided to try it out anyway, without great expectations.

I’m a little ashamed about this, but I ended up falling in love with Iris, one of their filters. It’s an overexposed black and white filter, with a little of a sepia tone (or some kind of tone I can’t really decode), and a central focus.

Iris 100%

I know, I know. Why use a shitty filter on my phone when I own a really nice camera (my beloved Canon G16)? Well… except for the fact that I don’t always bring my Canon with me wherever I go, I must say that this particular shitty filter is not that bad, in my opinion. It gave the picture a retro and nostalgic look that I personally really like and that made me fall in love once again with black and white photography.

I don’t know if I’ll keep using this filter for a long time. Maybe it’s just a short love story. For a matter of facts, I started once again to bring my Canon on my purse everywhere I go. But some of my recent black and white pictures I took with it are almost too neat for my personal taste. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with me, but I just like myself some imperfection, way more than perfect and defined things.

Iris 100%

Iris 100%

Iris 100%

Iris 100%


The 5 Things I Like To Photograph The Most

You all know how much I love photography. I always did, since I was a child, even if I’m still not an expert. Today I decided to share with you the five things I like to shoot the most.

1. People

I love to immortalize people’s expressions. I think everyone is unique in all of their parts. I always hope to be able to capture not only their expressions, but their emotions as well. Everybody is beautiful in their really special way (yes, even you reading!) and I like to make them feel that way.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

2. Animals

Seriously, who doesn’t love animals? A few years ago I was dreaming of becoming a National Geographic photographer, or any way to go into the wild with some big big lens and shoot all animals I could find. But even if that dream will never come true, I still enjoy taking pictures of the little creatures I have around. My cat Blackie is almost impossible to shoot since whenever she sees a camera, she runs directly into it and starts to cuddle with it, but I still don’t give up!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

3. Details

I think that details are what makes everything special. Sometimes we are surrounded by so many things, that a lot of little tiny details slip out of our sight. Whenever I see something particular, I like to capture it. It can be anything, big or small, but it has to be just a piece of the whole picture.

3 details

4. Nature

Living in a city, even if just a small one, I really love to take a breath from all the cement sometimes. I’m lucky enough that where I live there are still some green spots. From a tree to a landscape, I think nature is always a great subject to shoot. Simple and magic.

4 natura

5.  Little things

A little thing, for me, doesn’t have to be physically little. Yes, I love to shoot tiny things and experiment with macro photography, even if I don’t have the right lens for it. But sometimes little things can be just simple things. Things that most people pass across without even looking at them. And I love them, so I shoot them to try to make them special – and that doesn’t mean I always succeed.

5 details

What are the things you like to shoot the most? Leave a comment below!

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Zurich train station | Bambie

zurich train station1


Ho ritrovato qualche scatto che avevo fatto alla stazione di Zurigo qualche tempo fa, di ritorno da Friborgo. Avevo scelto il bianco e nero perché trovo che aiuti a mettere in risalto le varie linee e intersezioni tipiche delle stazioni.

Per quanto mi piaccia fotografare le stazioni, ammetto che non mi manca più di quel tanto fare il lungo viaggio fra Locarno e Friborgo. Per fortuna per il momento posso restarmene tranquilla in Ticino, almeno fino alla fine di agosto. Poi sarò costretta a tornare a viaggiare in treno per fare gli ultimi due esami dell’anno scolastico.

separatoreI found some pictures I shoot at Zurich’s train station sometime ago, when I was travelling back from Fribourg. I chose black and white because I think that it helps showing the typical lines and intersections of train stations.

Even if I love taking photographs of train stations, I admit that I don’t really miss to travel with the train between Locarno and Fribourg. Fortunately for the moment I can stay in Ticino, at least until the end of August. Then I will have to go back taking the train to do my last two exams of the school year.


zurich train station2


zurich train station5

zurich train station4

zurich train station3

All pictures are taken with a Canon Powershot G16