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A new passion crochet woolA new passion crochet wool

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A few weeks ago I buy myself some wool because I wanted to try and make a cute beanie. While I was having a little break from studying, I begin to crochet and in no time it became a pleasent hobby. I like it so much that yesterday, after finishing the first beanie, I went back to the store and buy some new wool.

I already started a new beanie and I want to keep going on so that I will have a bunch of them when the winter comes. If everything goes as I planned, I’d like to sell them, maybe also on Etsy (about that, I have a little project that I will reveal in a while). We’ll see how things go.

If you want to try out this amazing hobby, I suggest you this two videos:

The second one in particulary is really easy if it’s your first time with crochet.

Maybe I will try to make this one as well. I just have to say, this is just so much fun for me and I’m really enjoying it!

  • Anna

    Ah so glad the crochet love is spreading! I really enjoy crocheting, its so rewarding isnt it?! I made some bow scrunchies recently!


    • Thanks! I find crochet (and now knitting as well) really relaxing :)