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I took this photo while I was heading to school, the other day. I was in a rush and I didn’t have the time to wait to see if the picture came out how I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, when it ended to develop, I realized it came out a bit too dark. I wanted to come back and shoot it again, but the weather wasn’t on my side. So I decided to post it anyway, and if you can’t tell, those are bikes. Lots of bikes.

Anyway. Can you guess where I have been shopping last Friday? Yes, LUSH! Last week I did some highlights on my hair, but they came out way too… light. I read on this blog about LUSH’s Henna product and, since I am a big LUSH lover, I decided to give it a try. I can’t tell you how it came out yet because I have the product on my hair right now, and I still have a few hours to go. Hopefully nobody will call me “blondie” again. I really hope I’ll soon be able to write a little review about it.

I never come out of LUSH with just one product on my bag, and this time was no exception. Actually, I think I never spent that much… But I felt like my hair really needed some more care. And let’s be honest, the guy that sold me everything is just the greatest seller I’ve ever met. At least, today I finally filled my customer card, meaning that next time I’ll get a discount. Yay!

I’m really excited to try all my new products. Hopefully, they’ll work as good as they’ve been s0ld to me!

What are your favorites natural products? Leave a comment below!

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