I Say Sorry Too Much

150113 I say sorry too much
I’m back!

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More than one person already told me that I say sorry too much. It’s true, I tend to say it way often and it came to the point where people may think that I say it more like as an habit than because I mean it. The thing is, I actually mean it. Always.

Since this is my first post of 2015 (Happy New Year, everyone!), I will try to start with my only New Year’s Resolution: saying “sorry” less. I thought I would have started this post by apologizing for my long absence from the blog, but I’ve done that so many times that I’m also started to be tired of it.

I always have some difficulties in putting myself back into work, and this blog is no exception. I want to write, I really do. But when you stay away for so much times, it can be a bit scaring. I have to admit it, though: it feels nice to write again. And I’m realizing just now how much I actually missed it.

So yeah,… Here I am. But let’s keep it short – as I say, I’m not here to apologize.

What have you guys been to these lest weeks?