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how i edit my blog's photos

Camera: Canon Powershot G16
Editor: Afterlight
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Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of post about blogging. I find them really inspiring and they make me want to blog even more. As you may know, lately I have had some troubles in making blog posts. It looks like I only keep up (and some times not even really well) with my photography projects: wed’s photo and instax week. Since, as I said, I think those posts with blogging tips are really interesting, I thought that I may enjoy writing them as well. I must say that I’m not an expert blogger at all. I started this website mostly to have a place to write about anything, with no big expectation. But I decided to share the little I know with you.

One thing I really love to do – and that I always loved to – is taking pictures. I normally use my Canon Powershot G16, which is a camera that I truly love since it has a really good quality, but it’s light enough to carry it wherever I go as well. I also love the fact that I can synchronize the photos I take with it to my iPhone. This is really useful since I love to edit my photos with a few smartphone app as well.

So, this is a list of apps and websites I use to edit my pictures before uploading them to my blog.

Pic Monkey

I love PicMonkey because it has a lot of useful features for bloggers. First at all, it’s a great place to start making your own Header and others cool stuff for you blog (I used it to create my logo and also my Pin It button). I normally don’t use it to edit the colors, lights, etc. of my photographs, but mostly to add some text and doodles to them, which is something that I should actually do more often. A great (and pretty new) feature on PicMonkey, is that it allows you to use your own fonts to edit your images. Isn’t it amazing? I mostly use some Pea fonts I download here for free.


Afterlight is a cool iPhone and Android app which allows you to edit your pictures. Unfortunately is not free, but it’s worth the price! You can adjust some basic option (lights, saturation, etc.) but it also have some amazing filters. Personally I’m in love with leila filter, which is one of the Guest filters. You can definitely play with them and find out which one is the best for you. Another little feature that I sometimes enjoy on Afterlight, is that you can give a vintage look to your image, by adding the dusty, light leak or instant film effect. This will add a layer to your picture and make it look like it was taken on film.

HTML Color codes

I found this website just the other day, but it already become a must-have. The Get Colors from Image page is really useful to have on your favorites when you’re creating some new design for your blog. I never remember what colors I used for my theme, but I want everything on my blog to have a proper look. So, when I had to create (for exemple) my little Pin It button, I wanted it to have the same color that I use on my header. I upload my header image there, and clicked right where the color I needed was. And bam, the color code just appeared, ready to be used!

Canon CameraWindow

This is the app I use to synchronize my Canon photos to my iPhone. You can download it both for iPhone and Android. I really suggest you to have it on your phone if you have a Canon camera with Wi-Fi, like me. Sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I use it to just download the picture that I need for my blog post on my phone, without wasting time on downloading all the other pictures I took with my camera on my computer. Also, it’s really useful to have this if you’d like to edit your photos on a smartphone app light Afterlight or others.

And these are some more…


VSCO Cam is another app that I would use to edit photographs on my phone. I have to admit that lately I had used mostly Afterlight for this, but I used to love VSCO Cam as well and it’s still a pretty good alternative. Also, this one is free! You can find it here both on the App Store and Google Play. Like Afterlight, VSCO Cam also have some really nice filter (I know, I’m really lazy). I think my favorites were T1 and F2.


I used to use Gimp a lot. It’s a great (and free!) alternative to Photoshop, which is just too expensive for me. If you want to spend some more time on your pictures and editing in a more personal way, I really suggest you download this amazing app. As I already say, at the moment I’m just too lazy to run it. But it’s still nice to have something like this on your laptop for future use.


There was a time where I used only Fotor to edit my images. It let me put some filters and also write on the them. But I should say that those filters just bored me after a while. Still, if you never heard of it and you’d like a really easy app for editing pictures, there you go.

There you go, those where my favorite and most used apps and website to edit my blog’s photography. I would like to know if you already used any of these. And if you have any other suggestion, feel free to share it! I’d love to learn about some other ways to edit my pictures!

  • great post! very useful

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  • Shannon

    This was really useful and hopefully I can apply some of your tips to my future blog posts :)

    Shannon x

    • Thank you so much :) I hope it will be useful!

  • Claire H

    This is so helpful! Picmonkey is also a great gateway to photoshop too! :)

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you find that useful! PicMonkey is amazing, even if when you need to touch up a picture in a more serious way it may not be the best.. But for blogging it’s really great!

  • christycee

    I love your blog’s theme in addition to all your photos! (: Love the pink and the editing you have on your photos.

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!

  • Jennifer Leung

    Ooooh, thanks for this! I must say I’m awful at photo editing. I just kinda click buttons and hope for the best. These apps sound great and I’m so so so in love with your design! :) xx

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for your nice comment! I hope you will find those apps useful!