Puppy happiness

Okay, I know… Yumi is not a puppy anymore. But as a proud parent, I’ll always feel like she is.

Since she came into our lifes less than a year ago (it was May, 2015), she gave us so much happiness every and each day we spent together.

Yes, having a dog is not always rainbows and butterflies and we also had days where she made us crazy – mostly when she was still really young and when there is a full or black moon. But not one time I did regret adopting her, and I know I never will. 


I find myself talking about Yumi all the time to my friends and family, but she’s such a big part of my life that I just can’t help it.

But I mean… Look at her, with thar giant smile on her face. How could you not love her?



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Meet Yumi

cute puppy mixed labrador

Yumi came to our family just two weeks ago, but she already filled all of our hearts. Two eyes full of love and always looking forward being cuddled.

I waited all my life to get a dog, and now my dream came true. I couldn’t be happier right now! She’s a mixed breed and we don’t know exactly what kind of genetics run into her little body since she was rescued from a street, but she sure has something labrador-ish in her.

At the moment, she should be 5 months old. But again, we can’t be completely sure. Does it really matter anyway? What matter is that she’s already an amazing dog.

me and yumi

cute puppy mixed labrador

funny cute puppy mixed labrador

She’s not always the most photogenic dog, as you can see… But we love her even for that, she’s so sweet and funny at the same time. We couldn’t ask for anything (or anyone, I should say) better!

Thanks for being in our life, Yumi ♡

And thank you to the amazing girls that helped us getting her: Adotta un cane in Ticino and Cuccioli dell’Etna. Your are amazing!!