How to deal with all this mess

This blog has always been a mess. I always had so many projects and ideas in my head that I had a really hard time trying to organize them and produce something that made sense together.

This journey has been fun. Really motivating sometimes, not so much other times.

I think I spent more time writing about what I wanted to do with this blog than to actually trying to do so. Oh well, this is me. And yup, it’s what I’m doing at this exact time.

When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would actually ever read it, so your support really surprised me in a really good way. But I have to say, I wasn’t prepared. At all. I made a lot of mistakes and I learned from (some of) them. It’s been a helpful experience and it gave me the chance of growing up.

Personally speaking, this year as been a whole adventure for me. I got a dog, I got an apartment with my amazing boyfriend, I started to work (not at one, but at three different jobs),… So many news for me, and somehow not so much time for myself. But I’m still alive and breathing and happy.

In a month and a half, one of my jobs will end so I will be able to have some more free time. Of course, that’s a pretty good excuse for me to make some projects in my head.

As you may know if you follow my Instagram, I’ve been really active on the social media lately. I’ve rediscovered once again my love for photography. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and it’s been a great way to take my head out of the working world and have some me-time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This already was, somewhere somehow, a photography blog. Yup, I tried that. But… as I said at the beginning, this blog as always been a mess. With so many changes and so many “I’ll try that. Let me fix that. Oh, I’m going to get organized and blah blah blah”.

So no, I’m not gonna do anther change to my beloved indiellie. No. I’ve made my mind. This is a mess. And, for once, I’m okay with it. It is a mess, and a mess it will remain.

I started it to have a space online where I could write about anything that came to my mind, and I will let it be like that for the rest of the time. I may not come here a lot in the future, but I like the idea that this little blog will always be here for me when I’ll be in need of writing without thinking so much – like I’m doing right now, anyway.

But I do have a project. And it’s kind of a big one, in my perspective. It’s about photography, as you may already have guessed.

Schermata 2016-05-12 alle 23.04.11

It won’t just be a blog, this time, but a whole website, which will also include a blog of course, where I will also be able to upload my portfolio. Isn’t that great? Well, I am really excited, that’s for sure.

The website is under construction right now, but hopefully, it will be out soon. And this time, I will try my best to don’t make it messy, even though I know I will still be making lots of mistakes.

If you want to join me in this new adventure, don’t forget to chek out my soon to be new website at, it would mean a lot for me to see you there! And in the meantime, let’s keep in touch via Instagram and Twitter.

And if you’re wondering, I didn’t bother to re-read what I just wrote. Yay for keep it messy!

I Had A Blog


I had a blog. I did, and I loved it. I loved writing in it, taking pictures and edit them for it. Then I’m not sure what happened…

I started working, while I still had to study for my last exam, and it was pretty exhausting. But I kept thinking “one of these days I will take a moment for myself and write a new post on my blog“, at least to tell everyone that I was still alive.

At the end of August I finally did my exam, but just after that I moved in with my boyfriend (yes, big news right here!) and that took a lot of my time and efforts, too.

Now it’s been a few weeks, and I have to admit that, even if I’m pretty tired most of the time when I’m home, I had some free time. And I thought a lot about writing this post… But the more I waited, the more difficult it became.

Right now I’m not even sure that someone will actually read this words. I’m pretty sure that after more than 100 days without a single blog post, most of my few readers probably left. And if you are still here, well… I’m really grateful, so thank you!

It’s a bit hard for me to write these words here, in this place that used to be my beloved blog. It’s hard because I really want to start blogging again. To be honest, I need it. But the thing is, I’m not sure what I want to be blogging about.

Everywhere I see inspiring blog post saying that to be a successful blog you have to have a focus, a main topic. Now, I’m not saying that I want to become a successful blogger – that was never the goal, even if of course it would be nice – but they sure have a point, and this made me think. What’s the focus of my blog? Do I even have one?

Well, it’s upsetting that I don’t know. The thing is that even in my life, I always wanted to do a lot of things, and I change my passions pretty often. There are a few that are always present, like singing  and photography. I actually tried to make this entire blog about photography, but after I while I got bored and I felt the need of writing about something else, too. I called myself a lifestyle blogger, without wanting to realize that it was still a generic definition.

I know I’d like to write about self-improvement, but am I good at it? I’m not sure. I love to read blogging advice, but I feel catastrophic with my blog most of the time, so that’s not probably a good idea.

Since lately I’ve been working with kids, I even thought about changing everything and focus about craft and activities to do with kids. The thing is, once again I don’t know if I would be able to stick with it and if I’d had the time actually create those things.

So, as you can see if you’re still reading, which I doubt (yes, I’m not being self-confident right now), I’m drowning in an ocean of if and buts. I realize I still have a lot of thinking to do about this and if you want to help me with some advice, you are all more than welcome.

I promise (mostly to myself) I’ll do my best to keep you updated about all this mess, and to try to finally find a way out of it.

A Fresh Start

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Camera: iPhone 5c
Editor: VSCO Cam & PicMonkey

My blog has always been a mess. When I started it, I didn’t know where I was going with it. Actually, I just needed a place to write, and the idea of a blog seemed pretty cool. At first I was writing just for me, sharing my thoughts with no one in particular. Then I discovered others blog and I felt so inspired by them that I felt the need to change mine too. The thing is, I always had plenty of ideas, but somehow I never sticked to them long enough. When I switched to it was such a big deal for me and with my boyfriend’s help I finally made my blog look how I wanted. But speaking of contents, I’ve never been entirely satisfied about what I was writing, maybe because I realized that every other blog I loved had a theme. I tried different things but I always messed up. But lately it’s been so messed up that I lost control of what I was doing.

This is when it hit me: I needed a fresh start.

I know this is not the first “fresh start” this blog has seen from his beginning, but I hope it will be a major one. So, here’s the new deal. I’ve decided that I will mostly focus on photography and lifestyle, since I realized that those are the kind of posts I like to write the most.

I actually took some time to organize my categories, so now it should me easier to navigate through the blog.

Lifestyle: even if I let a “chit chat” page for when I’ll need to just randomly express my thoughts, I will try to post more tips and tricks and self improvement posts. I’m no expert about these, but I enjoy reading similar posts, so why don’t give it a try?

Photography: hopefully I will be able to keep up with my Instax week project, but most of all, I will try to do more photo posts. I really love making those, and this will help me take some time to shoot more, which will sure help me.

As for the language, you may have noticed (or not) that I removed the Polylang plugin, since I wasn’t even using it anymore – too much work, less motivation. So, even if I know my English is far from perfect, I will be using it as main language. Feel free to correct me anytime! For my Italian readers, you can still find all Italian posts here, or just by going back through the posts.

But one of the most important things is that I’m actually trying to get organized with everything – I even used my Calendar app to schedule some stuff! Maybe for the first weeks from now it won’t be working as I planned, since I always need some time to adapt to all the changes. But I will try with all my heart (and good intentions) to commit to it.

Let’s (re)start this adventure!

New look!

Sono davvero fortunata! Il mio caro Stitch (di cui chissà perché ultimamente state sentendo parlare non poco) si è offerto per aiutarmi a mettere a nuovo il blog. E’ da tanto che ripeto che vorrei uno stile più mio, e finalmente eccolo qua! Forse ci saranno ancora alcune piccole modifiche, ma il grosso del lavoro è fatto e io non potrei essere più felice! Grazie tesoro!

Da un po’ di tempo ormai avevo installato il template Sugar & Spice, che fra quelli gratuiti che avevo trovato è sicuramente uno dei più belli. Ma volevo qualcosa di più semplice ancora, con meno righe qua e la. Abbiamo quindi lavorato con CSS e siamo riusciti a compiere il miracolo. Va bene, riformulo. Stitch ha lavorato con CSS ascoltando i miei desideri e ha scavato fra codici e altre cose che io non capirò mai. Per me è una specie di magia!

Eccola qui la nuova grafica, che mi piace davvero moltissimo!


Schermata 2014-07-08 alle 10.32.11

Da parte mia, mi sono divertita con PicMonkey a mettere a posto la testata e l’icona del blog. Ho utilizzato i fonts Pea Ellie Bellie e Pea Nani’s Notebook, entrambi scaricabili gratuitamente.

Spero che la nuova grafica sia di vostro gradimento!


I’m really lucky! My dear Stitch last night helped me on a re-styling session of my blog. It’s been a while now that I keep saying that I whish a more personal blog style, and finally here it is! Maybe there will be a few more little changes, but most of the work is done and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Thank you sweetheart!

The template I was using lately is Sugar & Spice, which is one of the prettiest I found for free. But I wanted something even more basic, with less lines here and there. So we worked with CSS and we did a miracle. Okay, here’s what I mean: Stitch worked with CSS listening to my wishes and he give me codes and other stuff I’ll never understand to put on my page. For me this is just magic!


I had fun with PicMonkey and I made a new header and icon for the blog. I used the fonts  Pea Ellie Bellie and Pea Nani’s Notebook, which are both free.


I really hope you like the new graphic!

Indiellie diventa più social :)

E’ da tanto che mi frullava in testa questa idea, ma continuavo a rimandare. Principalmente perché facendo un passo del genere, questo blog potrebbe essere scoperto anche da chi conosco di persona. Però ora come ora non mi importa più: che mi leggano pure!

Quindi ecco a voi *rullo di tamburi*…

La pagina ufficiale di INDIELLIE su Facebook!

Sono un po’ emozionata all’idea, perché questo potrebbe essere un fallimento totale oppure un opportunità per raggiungere ancora più lettori.

(Piccola parentesi: ho raggiunto più di 100 lettori qui sul blog, cosa che onestamente non mi so spiegare. Adoro tutti voi e non so come ringraziarvi!)

Ho creato questa pagina con l’intento non solo di condividere i post che pubblicherò qui sul blog, ma anche per potervi tenere aggiornati sulle novità, e poter stare in più stretto contatto (? questo si vedrà, suppongo) con tutti voi.

Non mi piace elemosinare “mi piace” (scusate il gioco di parole), quindi non mi metterò a supplicarvi di cliccare quel fatidico bottoncino. Lascio a voi decidere se l’idea vi stuzzica o meno. In caso contrario finirò per parlare da sola come il mio solito, but I don’t even care!

Indiellie su Etsy!

Apro il mio 200 (!!!) post con una notizia che non vedevo l’ora di poter annunciare:

Ho aperto il mio negozio su Etsy!!!

Ok, in realtà il negozio l’avevo già aperto diverso tempo fa, ma non avevo mai avuto il tempo di mettermi a creare. Il tempo scarseggia anche ora, ma la voglia era troppo grande.

Principalmente si tratterà di un negozio che vende braccialetti, anche se può darsi che prima o poi comincerò a rivendere anche qualche scoperta vintage fatta qua e la.

Per ora ho pubblicato solo un articolo, ma ne arriveranno ben presto altri.

Visto che voglio festeggiare insieme a voi – se mai foste vogliosi di arricchire i vostri bellissimi polsi con dei nuovi braccialetti, in esclusiva per tutti i miei lettori eccovi un codice che vi permetterà uno sconto del 20% fino al 6 dicembre 2013. Vi basterà inserire IndieOpening2013 nel momento del checkout!

Le prime creazioni!

Wed’s photo #2 & big announcement!!

E’ ancora il Moroso il protagonista della seconda foto del mercoledì, sovrapposto al Lago Maggiore. Ta-daaan!

Camera: Diana Mini (senza flash)

Film: Fuji Superia 200 35mm, scaduta

Links: FlickrTumblr

Ma ora, la grande notizia!!! Ieri sera mi sono decisa e, finalmente e senza troppe storie, HO COMPRATO IL DOMINIO! Sì, miei cari, avete capito bene!

Quindi, bye-bye (anche se potete sempre raggiungermi tramite questo indirizzo) e benvenuto !! Festeggiamo!!!!

Progetti fotografici

L’estate sembra stia finalmente arrivando. E con essa, il sole e tanto tempo libero che mi permetteranno finalmente di potermi dedicare di più alla fotografia analogica, che da qualche mese riempie gran parte dei miei pensieri. Da quando mi hanno regalato la Fisheye per il compleanno, passo gran parte del mio tempo su internet sul sito della Lomography a leggere articoli sognando il momento in cui avrei cominciato a vivere appieno i miei giorni analogici.

Due bellissimi blog hanno poi aumentato ancora di più il mio entusiasmo: Holga My Dear e Pretty in Mad. Se anche voi avete un debole per la fotografia, ve li consiglio entrambi.

Sta di fatto che in generale la fotografia mi ha sempre affascinato e penso che sia giunto il momento di buttarmi davvero a capofitto in questo mondo di immagini.

Un paio di anni fa, prima di aprire questo blog, ne avevo creato uno con l’intento di scattare e pubblicare almeno una foto al giorno. Penso che sia inutile dire che dopo poche settimane (nelle quale non ero stata nemmeno molto costante) avevo smesso di scrivere e avevo infine deciso di chiudere il blog.

In questo momento, penso però che avere un blog centrato sulla fotografia (soprattutto quella analogica), mi aiuterebbe a migliorare i miei scatti e ad integrare la fotografia sempre di più nella mia vita di tutti i giorni. I blog che ho menzionato sopra mi hanno motivata a seguire le loro tracce, anche per poter partecipare ai vari progetti fotografici e di conseguenza pormi degli obiettivi da raggiungere.

Mi trovo ora davanti ad un’importante scelta da compiere. Devo decidere se:

  1. Aprire un nuovo blog dedicato alla fotografia e tenere questo per quanto riguarda la mia vita personale – con il rischio di aggiornarlo un po’ meno per riuscire a seguire entrambi.
  2. Mantenere questo blog e cambiare la tematica principale (che adesso è praticamente inesistente) per concentrarmi sulla fotografia, inserendo comunque dei post molto appassionanti sulla mia vita.

Quando ho aperto questo blog mi ero ripromessa che questa volta non lo avrei abbandonato come avevo fatto con tutti quelli precedenti. Coscente di cambiare spesso idea e necessità, mi ero detta che il blog sarebbe cambiato insieme a me. Da una parte mi sembrerebbe la cosa più sensata da fare, per non rischiare di finire a gestire un solo blog e abbandonare l’altro. Ma d’altra parte non so quanto sarebbe giusto trasformare questo spazio personale che mi è tanto caro al momento.

Tanto per cambiare, mi ritrovo a chiedervi un consiglio. Lo so, alla fine sarò comunque io a scegliere. Ma voi che mi leggete siete importantissimi e il vostro punto di vista mi aiuterà a prendere una decisione.