5 Things I Need To Learn

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 1 – Wake up when the first alarm start ringing

I have the really bad habit to set more than one alarms and keep snoozing them. The result: I always end up having less time than I planned to get ready. And that just because I excuse myself by saying that at least I slept a bit more, which is actually not true. In fact, while I keep snoozing the alarm, I can’t seem to sleep for real and I end up being even more tired than before. I really want to learn to get up at the first alarm, and start the day in a better way.

2 – Complain less and be more positive

It happens sometimes than when I don’t know what to say, I end up breaking the silence by complaining about something. The weather, the fact that I’m bored, how annoying some people are,… It’s like I can’t help myself, and I hate that. I really want to try and stop myself. I don’t want to come out as a negative person, which in those moments I guess I am. I have to make the effort and try to say something positive instead of complaining. Or, if I can’t find anything, I could try and just shut up. I already had lots of people back when I was younger telling me how shy I was, so I don’t really mind. Or maybe I do. Ouch.

3 – Save more instead of spending everything

Lately I’ve been spending more than I should have. As a student, that’s not really the greatest thing to do. I keep telling myself that I can buy that if I sell something I don’t use anymore, but than I can’t find the time to actually try to sell my stuff. And even when I tried, nobody seem to want to buy anything. But I guess I shouldn’t give up so easily.

4 – Taking some more time to exercise

I say it all the time: I’m a lazy girl. I love staying in my bed with my beloved laptop reading blogs and watching tv series. But this doesn’t mean that I would love to be more sporty. I also bought an iPod shuffle this summer to try and get motivated to go running. But during the whole summer, I just went maybe 3 or 4 times. Shame on me. Since winter is coming, I’d really like to start doing some sort of exercise that I could do at home. I know there are lots of videos and apps showing daily routines to do. I just need to learn to stop postpone everything and just get into it. For real this time.

5 – Do a decent messy bun

This is kind of a more superficial point. I love wearing my messy bun, which I do most of the time. It’s just so comfy and it keeps your hair out of your face. But I ended up doing a good looking bun only on few occasions and mostly when I’m heading to bed. In fact, most of the times my bun is just not right: too little, way too messy, not messy enough,… Yeah, I know… still complaining. But I’d really like to be able to do a really cute messy bun, at least sometimes. I already watched lots of youtube’s video with those beauty guru showing their secrets to achieve the perfect bun. What I learned from them, it’s that they use something like 3Kg worth of bobby pins. Unfortunately, I hate using bobby pins to secure my hairstyles, so I guess I’m screwed. Oh well.

  • I think I need to start doing all of these things too – I have to set about 8 alarms and still don’t end up getting out of bed until the last moment possible.

    Jemma | Jemma In Words

    • Haha I know how it feels! I normally set “only” 3 alarms.. But then I snooze the third one for I don’t know how many times… It’s bad, really bad!

  • Heather

    I loved reading this post because I can totally relate! I would 100% recommend the 30 day yoga challenge as a way of getting more exercise. I followed the videos on youtube and found it a million times more enjoyable than going for a run!!

    Heather x


    • Hi Heather! Thank you so much for your comment! I didn’t know about the 30 days yoga challenge, but I’m gonna look for it! I can’t seem to be able to go running, and I always wanted to try yoga..

  • Haha I love this post!

    I 100% agree with these points – especially the exercise and the messy bun (I’m never happy with my messy bun attempt – how do girls do it?!)

    I’ve also nominated you for “the versatile award” – check out my post if you want to take part!



    • I’m pretty sure some girls use some kind of magic to do their buns.. :D
      Thank you!

  • Jennifer Leung

    Hi Ellie,

    Haha, I really need to learn to wake up when my alarm clock first goes off too! This describes me perfectly: ‘ I’m a lazy girl. I love staying in my bed with my beloved laptop reading blogs and watching tv series’. Haha, thanks for sharing! :D

    Have an awesome day,

    Jenny of Penned by Jenny / Follow me on Bloglovin’

    • Thank you so much! I guess most girls are like that haha!

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  • A list full of really good things to want to master. It’s taken me years but I’ve finally flipped the scale from negativity to predominantly positive. But the messy bun? I’m years off from perfecting that one!


    • Thank you! I’m proud of you, it’s not easy to become more positive :)

    • Thank you for the nice comment :) I’m still struggling with my positivity, sometimes… But I hope I will get better at it!