How to deal with all this mess

This blog has always been a mess. I always had so many projects and ideas in my head that I had a really hard time trying to organize them and produce something that made sense together.

This journey has been fun. Really motivating sometimes, not so much other times.

I think I spent more time writing about what I wanted to do with this blog than to actually trying to do so. Oh well, this is me. And yup, it’s what I’m doing at this exact time.

When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would actually ever read it, so your support really surprised me in a really good way. But I have to say, I wasn’t prepared. At all. I made a lot of mistakes and I learned from (some of) them. It’s been a helpful experience and it gave me the chance of growing up.

Personally speaking, this year as been a whole adventure for me. I got a dog, I got an apartment with my amazing boyfriend, I started to work (not at one, but at three different jobs),… So many news for me, and somehow not so much time for myself. But I’m still alive and breathing and happy.

In a month and a half, one of my jobs will end so I will be able to have some more free time. Of course, that’s a pretty good excuse for me to make some projects in my head.

As you may know if you follow my Instagram, I’ve been really active on the social media lately. I’ve rediscovered once again my love for photography. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and it’s been a great way to take my head out of the working world and have some me-time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This already was, somewhere somehow, a photography blog. Yup, I tried that. But… as I said at the beginning, this blog as always been a mess. With so many changes and so many “I’ll try that. Let me fix that. Oh, I’m going to get organized and blah blah blah”.

So no, I’m not gonna do anther change to my beloved indiellie. No. I’ve made my mind. This is a mess. And, for once, I’m okay with it. It is a mess, and a mess it will remain.

I started it to have a space online where I could write about anything that came to my mind, and I will let it be like that for the rest of the time. I may not come here a lot in the future, but I like the idea that this little blog will always be here for me when I’ll be in need of writing without thinking so much – like I’m doing right now, anyway.

But I do have a project. And it’s kind of a big one, in my perspective. It’s about photography, as you may already have guessed.

Schermata 2016-05-12 alle 23.04.11

It won’t just be a blog, this time, but a whole website, which will also include a blog of course, where I will also be able to upload my portfolio. Isn’t that great? Well, I am really excited, that’s for sure.

The website is under construction right now, but hopefully, it will be out soon. And this time, I will try my best to don’t make it messy, even though I know I will still be making lots of mistakes.

If you want to join me in this new adventure, don’t forget to chek out my soon to be new website at, it would mean a lot for me to see you there! And in the meantime, let’s keep in touch via Instagram and Twitter.

And if you’re wondering, I didn’t bother to re-read what I just wrote. Yay for keep it messy!

Puppy happiness

Okay, I know… Yumi is not a puppy anymore. But as a proud parent, I’ll always feel like she is.

Since she came into our lifes less than a year ago (it was May, 2015), she gave us so much happiness every and each day we spent together.

Yes, having a dog is not always rainbows and butterflies and we also had days where she made us crazy – mostly when she was still really young and when there is a full or black moon. But not one time I did regret adopting her, and I know I never will. 


I find myself talking about Yumi all the time to my friends and family, but she’s such a big part of my life that I just can’t help it.

But I mean… Look at her, with thar giant smile on her face. How could you not love her?



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Spring is slowly taking its place


Even if we had a really late winter this year, with the snow showing up just a couple of weeks ago, I feel that the spring is already on its way. 

The grass is growing back stronger and in such a vivid green that it just makes me happy. The trees are offering once again a colorful view, with those little flowers playing peek-a-boo.

Winter has always been my favourite season, so I was really upset when it wasn’t how I’d expected it, this year. When I saw the snow I was excited like a little kid that sees it for the first time. But I have to admit that now I just hope we’ll be able to have a normal (yet very special) spring. I need to shoot some bright colors!

A few London memories


After my little black and white phase of these last weeks, I’m currently bringing back some color in my photography.

I rediscovered some simple – yet special – shots I took in London last winter. Even if it’s been more than a year since our trip, I still have really good memories of it.


A little Retrica love story

Hello, my dear friends!

Long time no see. My bad, as always… I haven’t felt like blogging in so long, and I can’t promise I’ll be back posting a lot. But I feel I’m a having a photography phase right now, so you’ll never know…


I saw a little Retrica logo on a lot of teenager’s selfies, but I never thought I could actually like that little app myself. But when it comes to photography, I’m always a little curious so I decided to try it out anyway, without great expectations.

I’m a little ashamed about this, but I ended up falling in love with Iris, one of their filters. It’s an overexposed black and white filter, with a little of a sepia tone (or some kind of tone I can’t really decode), and a central focus.

Iris 100%

I know, I know. Why use a shitty filter on my phone when I own a really nice camera (my beloved Canon G16)? Well… except for the fact that I don’t always bring my Canon with me wherever I go, I must say that this particular shitty filter is not that bad, in my opinion. It gave the picture a retro and nostalgic look that I personally really like and that made me fall in love once again with black and white photography.

I don’t know if I’ll keep using this filter for a long time. Maybe it’s just a short love story. For a matter of facts, I started once again to bring my Canon on my purse everywhere I go. But some of my recent black and white pictures I took with it are almost too neat for my personal taste. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with me, but I just like myself some imperfection, way more than perfect and defined things.

Iris 100%

Iris 100%

Iris 100%

Iris 100%


What I’ve Learned From Sharing My Worries

A few days ago I published a post explaining all of my worries after some months away from the blog. I thought that nobody would have read that post and at the moment I wasn’t even realizing that I was actually sharing my feelings, so I was really surprised with the amount of comments I’ve got both from old and new readers. Everyone has been really supportive about the whole situation and I did get some really helpful responses.

Here's what I've learned from sharing my worries instead of keeping them for myself. You should do the same, trust me!

Writing down what was worrying me so much and sharing it with other people really helped me to move on, so I decided to share with you what I’ve learned from it.

It’s not healthy to keep it all in.

Really, it’s not. Personally, the more I did wait to share what was keeping me away from the blog, the more my worries kept getting bigger and bigger. When you have a problem of any kind, it’s always better to say it out loud. Share it with a friend, a family member, your lover, your internet audience (even when you don’t think you have one). It’s liberating and you will feel a lot less pression just by letting it out off of your head.

Sharing a worry or a problem also help you to put it into words, which is a great way to see whatever is upsetting you in a clearer way.

You’re never the only one in that situation.

When you share an upsetting argument on your blog, the chances are that some of your readers have already been in that same situation. Even when you share your problem with just one person, it is probable that he or she will know someone else who also had a similar experience.

This brings two big yays. First at all, you will feel less alone – which is always a calming thought. And second, all of the people that have already been there probably know a way out, which they will most likely share with you.

People are great at giving advice.

As I just said, you will find that a lot of people will be willing to share their own pieces of advice with you. Sometimes that advice comes from people that actually lived the same situation as you. But let’s admit it – even people that never felt the same way will likely try to give you their precious opinion. And I must say, sometimes that kind of help it’s even more useful since it comes from another point of view.

I think we all know how good it feels to help someone else, so let’s all accept other people’s help from time to time.

Sometimes the old way can be the right way.

When I shared my perplexity about where I was going with this blog with my readers, most of them told me to just keep writing. They were right, I spent too much time trying to find a focus, trying to find the right way. The truth is, I just stopped writing and I lost the habit of doing it.

If you feel stuck, like I did, maybe worrying too much about it isn’t the solution. Just keep doing what you were doing before, and maybe you will find your motivation again.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

This may sound in contrast with what I just said before, but I think that some kind of innovation sometimes can help, too. In my case, letting out all my worries made space in my head to produce new positive thoughts. You can find your new motivation in making little changes in what you already have, or start something completely new. It always feels great to have something to spice up the monotony, isn’t it?

What do you normally do when you have a problem or you worry too much about something? Do you share it with someone or do you keep it to yourself? What have worked for you until now? Comment below!

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I Had A Blog


I had a blog. I did, and I loved it. I loved writing in it, taking pictures and edit them for it. Then I’m not sure what happened…

I started working, while I still had to study for my last exam, and it was pretty exhausting. But I kept thinking “one of these days I will take a moment for myself and write a new post on my blog“, at least to tell everyone that I was still alive.

At the end of August I finally did my exam, but just after that I moved in with my boyfriend (yes, big news right here!) and that took a lot of my time and efforts, too.

Now it’s been a few weeks, and I have to admit that, even if I’m pretty tired most of the time when I’m home, I had some free time. And I thought a lot about writing this post… But the more I waited, the more difficult it became.

Right now I’m not even sure that someone will actually read this words. I’m pretty sure that after more than 100 days without a single blog post, most of my few readers probably left. And if you are still here, well… I’m really grateful, so thank you!

It’s a bit hard for me to write these words here, in this place that used to be my beloved blog. It’s hard because I really want to start blogging again. To be honest, I need it. But the thing is, I’m not sure what I want to be blogging about.

Everywhere I see inspiring blog post saying that to be a successful blog you have to have a focus, a main topic. Now, I’m not saying that I want to become a successful blogger – that was never the goal, even if of course it would be nice – but they sure have a point, and this made me think. What’s the focus of my blog? Do I even have one?

Well, it’s upsetting that I don’t know. The thing is that even in my life, I always wanted to do a lot of things, and I change my passions pretty often. There are a few that are always present, like singing  and photography. I actually tried to make this entire blog about photography, but after I while I got bored and I felt the need of writing about something else, too. I called myself a lifestyle blogger, without wanting to realize that it was still a generic definition.

I know I’d like to write about self-improvement, but am I good at it? I’m not sure. I love to read blogging advice, but I feel catastrophic with my blog most of the time, so that’s not probably a good idea.

Since lately I’ve been working with kids, I even thought about changing everything and focus about craft and activities to do with kids. The thing is, once again I don’t know if I would be able to stick with it and if I’d had the time actually create those things.

So, as you can see if you’re still reading, which I doubt (yes, I’m not being self-confident right now), I’m drowning in an ocean of if and buts. I realize I still have a lot of thinking to do about this and if you want to help me with some advice, you are all more than welcome.

I promise (mostly to myself) I’ll do my best to keep you updated about all this mess, and to try to finally find a way out of it.

Meet Yumi

cute puppy mixed labrador

Yumi came to our family just two weeks ago, but she already filled all of our hearts. Two eyes full of love and always looking forward being cuddled.

I waited all my life to get a dog, and now my dream came true. I couldn’t be happier right now! She’s a mixed breed and we don’t know exactly what kind of genetics run into her little body since she was rescued from a street, but she sure has something labrador-ish in her.

At the moment, she should be 5 months old. But again, we can’t be completely sure. Does it really matter anyway? What matter is that she’s already an amazing dog.

me and yumi

cute puppy mixed labrador

funny cute puppy mixed labrador

She’s not always the most photogenic dog, as you can see… But we love her even for that, she’s so sweet and funny at the same time. We couldn’t ask for anything (or anyone, I should say) better!

Thanks for being in our life, Yumi ♡

And thank you to the amazing girls that helped us getting her: Adotta un cane in Ticino and Cuccioli dell’Etna. Your are amazing!!

Instax Week 38 and 39/52

I know these last weeks I’ve been bad with blogging. I could say that I had many other things to do, but that would be a lie. I guess I just needed some time to turn off everything. Next two or three weeks will be really exhausting for me since I’ll have a couple of big presentations at university. I’m already panicking…



This double exposure really shows that spring is coming. Even if I love winter, I must say that seeing the flowers bloom makes me happy.


My cat Blackie was taking a nap in my garden. I didn’t mean to wake her up with this picture, but I’m impressed that she just stayed there. Normally she would get up and just hit her little head against the camera.

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The 5 Things I Like To Photograph The Most

You all know how much I love photography. I always did, since I was a child, even if I’m still not an expert. Today I decided to share with you the five things I like to shoot the most.

1. People

I love to immortalize people’s expressions. I think everyone is unique in all of their parts. I always hope to be able to capture not only their expressions, but their emotions as well. Everybody is beautiful in their really special way (yes, even you reading!) and I like to make them feel that way.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

2. Animals

Seriously, who doesn’t love animals? A few years ago I was dreaming of becoming a National Geographic photographer, or any way to go into the wild with some big big lens and shoot all animals I could find. But even if that dream will never come true, I still enjoy taking pictures of the little creatures I have around. My cat Blackie is almost impossible to shoot since whenever she sees a camera, she runs directly into it and starts to cuddle with it, but I still don’t give up!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

3. Details

I think that details are what makes everything special. Sometimes we are surrounded by so many things, that a lot of little tiny details slip out of our sight. Whenever I see something particular, I like to capture it. It can be anything, big or small, but it has to be just a piece of the whole picture.

3 details

4. Nature

Living in a city, even if just a small one, I really love to take a breath from all the cement sometimes. I’m lucky enough that where I live there are still some green spots. From a tree to a landscape, I think nature is always a great subject to shoot. Simple and magic.

4 natura

5.  Little things

A little thing, for me, doesn’t have to be physically little. Yes, I love to shoot tiny things and experiment with macro photography, even if I don’t have the right lens for it. But sometimes little things can be just simple things. Things that most people pass across without even looking at them. And I love them, so I shoot them to try to make them special – and that doesn’t mean I always succeed.

5 details

What are the things you like to shoot the most? Leave a comment below!

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